Sunday, December 19, 2010

So, My Mom is an ELF, afterall ^^

Situation: In the middle of watching Bonamana Remix yesterday night (around 8pm)

Mommy: So the boys now wear black suit, huh? (Noticing something different) Dear, who is this hunk, yes the one who wears sunnies.
Me: There are two who wear them, mom (point at Kyuhyun and Heechul)
Mommy: (point at Kyuhyun) you mean him? You gotta be kidding me (point at Heechul) I mean this h-u-n-k
Mommy: (point at Heechul) He's coooool~ You'll watch them live, right? Take some of his pictures for me.
Me: ..........

mom, please join me to Singapore and watch SS3 Concert, you'll never regret!
So, my mom is a new ELF now, I think I should buy her Heechul's Lightstick, 하하하~

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