Thursday, January 6, 2011

SS3 Singapore Tickets

i'm selling a pair of SS3 Singapore ticket,

details: Pen B section
date: second show (January 30, 2011)
price: original price

contact me at twitter @tipaaw

Sunday, December 19, 2010

So, My Mom is an ELF, afterall ^^

Situation: In the middle of watching Bonamana Remix yesterday night (around 8pm)

Mommy: So the boys now wear black suit, huh? (Noticing something different) Dear, who is this hunk, yes the one who wears sunnies.
Me: There are two who wear them, mom (point at Kyuhyun and Heechul)
Mommy: (point at Kyuhyun) you mean him? You gotta be kidding me (point at Heechul) I mean this h-u-n-k
Mommy: (point at Heechul) He's coooool~ You'll watch them live, right? Take some of his pictures for me.
Me: ..........

mom, please join me to Singapore and watch SS3 Concert, you'll never regret!
So, my mom is a new ELF now, I think I should buy her Heechul's Lightstick, 하하하~

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

No one comes after her.

Look! I guess someone needs an umbrella now.

Friday, December 3, 2010

SS3 Singapore~

Finally, SS3 Singapore! I'm coming~

~(‾▿‾~) ~(‾▿‾)~ (~‾▿‾)~

Cho Kyuhyun, I'm ready to meet youuuu!

사랑해, 규

Friday, October 15, 2010

happy birthday Lee Donghae oppa!

생일 축하합니다 생일 축하합니다 사랑하는 우리 동해 ^^ 생일 축하합니다 !
야아....동해 오빠 생일축한다 ^^

oh oh oh 오빠를 사랑해 ^-^

Cosmic Love

I took the stars from your eyes,
and I made a map,

and knew that somehow I could find my way back.

(Florence and The Machine-Cosmic Love)

Aaa, You're Here

There's no need to give me sign, because I am where you are